About Alpha Bank Albania

Alpha Bank Albania started to operate in the country in January 1998 as a branch of the Alpha Bank A.E., one of the largest banks in Greece, established in 1879 and in addition to Greece the bank is conducting business in the Romania, Cyprus and UK.

Alpha Bank is one of the largest banks in the country with considerable market share in wholesale and retail business. Alpha Bank’s aim is to maintain a robust capital base to sustain the development of the bank and retain the trust of depositors, markets and business partners. The bank is maintaining high liquidity ratios. Also, for many years, Alpha Bank is a self-funding bank with a positive deposit-loan gap per currency and all currencies.

In two last decades, Alpha Bank granted the biggest loan to a private company, it was one of the main participants in the biggest syndicated loan in the country to a private company; it has financed the biggest infrastructure projects in Albania: Tirana International Airport, Telecommunication Industry, etc.; and in cooperation with international financial institutions has financed many other private important projects. Also, Alpha Bank it was the first local bank arranging the biggest syndicated loan to the Albania Government.

Today Alpha Bank offers a wide range of products and services to individual, business and corporate clients through a wide network of branches and other alternative channels, such as ATM, e-banking, and 1,400 POS.

The Bank maintains a high ranking position for retail lending, with particular attention to housing loans. Competitive terms and conditions, such as favorable tenor and low monthly payments have made our retail lending products quite attractive in the local market, whereas the existing customers have the flexibility of combining fixed and variable interest rate periods, revision of loan terms in cases of payment difficulties and also the auxiliary service of SMS notification for the loan installment.

The bank is a leader in the cards business, offering credit cards under the trademarks of American Express and VISA. The bank is exclusive issuer and acquirer of American Express cards, providing a list of privileges and benefits to the cardholders that use this payment instrument all over the globe. The debit card VISA electron provides access to the customer accounts with absolutely no costs for the transactions performed in the ATM network of Alpha Bank while the Enter American Express debit card apart the access at any time in the customer account, can be used for online transactions.

In order to reward it American Express cardholders the Bank has launched the first rewarding program in Albania, the Alpha Bank Bonus, which gives cash back to its customers in every transaction they made in a prestigious list of merchants in Albania.

Small business lending is the focus of the bank’s business development efforts, as it provides this very important segment with the liquidity it needs for sustaining and growing, and constitutes a strong bond for other additional banking services and products to SME-s.

The banking operations are supported with a modern technology and Management Information Systems, which offers maximum security in every transaction made inside the branches or at the alternative channels.

A valuable asset of the Bank is it staff which it professionalism, dedication to the customer and the continuous improvement has contributed to the progress of the Bank during its 21 years of presence in the market.